call me Rain began to fall softlyAs she gazed around the roomEven now she wondered what went wrongA letter in her hand trembledAs she placed it by the phoneAll at once there were footsteps by the doorShe didn't want a confrontation to tear 開幕活動them apartShe wasn't sure of all the feelings racing through her heartI looked into her eyesKnowing something wasn't rightAnd suddenly the tears began to showBabe....I know that it's wrongBut you know I'm really not that 澎湖民宿strongHow I wish I could tell you that I amBut before I even read this letterI want you to stayBut if I see your mind's made upThere's one thing I've got to sayYou can call meBaby if you ever change your mindBelieve me when I say to 情趣用品youAnytime will be alrightYou can call meOnly seven numbers on the phoneMaybe we can talk things overYou're never that far from you're not aloneAnother season, another changeTwo hearts are breaking with no one to 澎湖民宿blameI know the reasons that you want to goBut if you find that you still want meThere's one thing you know 鍵盤在指間跳動夜深~深夜...聽著~聽著~敲打出每個字母編織成字溜串成詞一遍一遍...... The world rotates because of you my heart 花蓮民宿palpitates because of you

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